Reach for the stars…

It goes without saying that the Danes have a rich history in astronomy.  The Vikings are presumed to have navigated using star constellations as their guide and the first renowned astronomer, Peder Nattergal, was a Danish canon and mathematician.  A fascination with the celestial sky runs deep in Danish history. If ever you go to Copenhagen, by all means, visit the classic sights like The … Continue reading Reach for the stars…

Swedish Fishwife

It’s a funny word ‘fishwife’.  Like many terms to describe women, it’s not entirely flattering to be called a ‘fishwife’.  It’s a word that’s come to mean a woman who’s a bit rough, coarse, loud and prone to swearing… When we were holidaying in Sweden recently, as we were walking from Borstahusen (where we were camping at the fabulous Motesplats Borstahusen) to Landskrona, we happened upon … Continue reading Swedish Fishwife

‘A pleasanter spot you never spied’

So sums up Robert Browning in his poem about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  Or Hameln. The Pied Piper theme runs thick through the town in Lower Saxony, Germany – and not surprisingly when your town (and ancestors) is the subject of one of the most famous folklore stories probably ever told.  Films, poems, songs and fairytales have been built around an event that still … Continue reading ‘A pleasanter spot you never spied’

Scapegoat of Inequality

We know that parental occupation has the biggest impact on educational attainment. We know that the gap between the most wealthy and the least wealthy is marching at a pace in Britain. We promote the idea of individuals ‘making a success’ with the myth that everyone can be ‘Dick Whittington’ but at the same time knowing that in our society, every occupational role makes a … Continue reading Scapegoat of Inequality

Light and Dark

Gill’s been doing a creative writing workshop – so here’s what she produced from it… On contemplating light and dark, I am confronted. I am confronted by the shadowy cloak that I allow to envelope me; to permeate my thoughts and actions. I hide in the shadows needing, and wanting, to step out into the light. As I edge forward slowly, tentatively, out of that … Continue reading Light and Dark

Time for Fun

Rob caught an article on BBC World Service yesterday morning – and it summed up perfectly what we have recently been thinking about.  Adults need as much fun and play in their lives as children.  The article interviewed Cary Umhau, the Founder and Creative Director of SPACIOUS – a movement growing out of Washington D.C. that encourages people to break their chains and recapture the … Continue reading Time for Fun

Every day should have a Resolution

As we were driving to Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire on Saturday, we made the mistake of turning on a local radio station.  Not a mistake because it was a local station but because there was the obligatory phone-in asking callers to ‘Tell us your Resolutions’… how predictable! New Year – and its resolutions – seem rather ‘topsy-turvy’ to us!    It seems that many people spend … Continue reading Every day should have a Resolution